16 mei 2024

INVITATION Discussion evening Veetelers ‘What is the future of insects in the agricultural industry?’

On the 5th of June, the Discuscie will host a discussion evening with the theme “What is the future of insects in the agricultural industry?” in collaboration with NZV! During the upcoming discussion evening, our great guest speakers will tell us about the current practices used for rearing insects, including some environmental and insect welfare perspectives!

Recently, there has been an increasing interest in the search for sustainable agricultural practices. Insects are emerging as a potential solution in sustainable food and feed production. With the gained interest in rearing insects, the environmental and welfare aspect should also be taken into account. Therefore, we will host this discussion evening to inform about the various practices to rear insects, including their opportunities, difficulties, ecological aspects as well as the potential implications for insect welfare. The theme of the evening is “What is the future of insects in the agricultural industry?”. For this evening we will have amazing host speakers who will tell us more about the use of insects as feed or food, the practical side, GHG emissions, and the ethical side.

Wednesday the 5th of June we will be able to physically host 3 great guest speakers:

  1. Natasja Gianotten is a research engineer entomology at Ynsect. She will tell use more about the practical side of rearing insects, and what are some difficulties when rearing insects.
  2. Marcel Dicke is a professor entomology at Wageningen University & Research. He did a lot of research on the use of insects as feed or food, with the focus on reduction of the ecological footprint and reduction of GHG emissions.
  3. Martijn van Loon is a researcher who focused on the ethical aspects of rearing insects. He can tell us more about potential welfare implications if using insects in rearing practices.

The program will look as follows:

19:00h  Walk-in
19:15h  Start of the evening
19:20h  Natasja Gianotten
19:40h  Marcel Dicke
20:00h  Short break
20:15h  Martijn van Loon
20.35h  Paneldiscussion
21:30h  Endtime
22:30h  Discuss further with drinks and snacks

When you want to attend this evening, please subscribe! If you are subscribing for the evening, it would be much appreciated if we all take part in the discussion, as this would make the evening more interactive. If, due to circumstances, you are not able to attend the evening, please let us know via: veetelers.discuscie@wur.nl

You can subscribe yourself for the through this link: https://forms.gle/C7oD7GcG8KMyh5dp8

Please fill in the sheet by providing your full name and any additional information. You are welcome from 19:00 and at 19:15 we will officially start the discussion evening! We are allowed to serve drinks and food. However, you are also allowed to bring your own drinks and food.

Location: FORUM Room B0504+B0508, Droevendaalsesteeg 2, 6708 PB Wageningen

You will be waited and guided to the room. We hope to see you all soon on Wednesday the 5th of June!

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