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Dutch Animal Science Association (NZV)

The Dutch Animal Science Association is an association for everyone who is concerned with issues in the field of animal-human-environment. Animal scientists have long been focusing not only on farm animals. Fish farming and companion animals are therefore among the NZV’s areas of attention.


NZV has the ambition to become the platform for issues in the field of animals, people and the environment and thus to make an essential contribution to the formation of opinions on current and future themes in the field.

Most of the more than 500 members of the NZV studied Zootechnics at Wageningen University. In addition, graduates from Veterinary Medicine and HAS University of Applied Sciences and people from the professional field are among its members. Students are a growing group of members too.

The NZV stands for

  • a broadly oriented informal and professional network
  • informative meetings
  • round table meetings
  • excursions with members NZV and “De Veetelers”
  • discussion evening with “De Veetelers”
  • Inspiration Dinners in spring and autumn
  • the annual members’ day on the first Thursday in November

If you are interested to find out more about NZV, please do not hesitate to contact us via

Ons eerstvolgende event


Nieuwe evenementen worden begin 2022 verwacht

Het bestuur van NZV is na het succesvolle lustrum druk bezig met het organiseren van nieuwe evenementen.
Wij verwachten begin 2022 weer de eerste evenementen te kunnen laten plaatsvinden.
Houdt deze pagina in de gaten voor meer informatie…..

Hierbij willen wij jullie alvast een prettige feestdagen wensen!

Tot in 2022!

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Excursie Alltech Coppens Aqua Center

NZV Ledendag 2019

Inspiration dinner ‘Alternatieve eiwitbronnen in de (dier)voeding’

Excursie ‘Floating Farm’

Masterclass ‘Negatieve berichten in de media: Duiken of opstaan?’

Inspiration dinner ‘Kringlooplandbouw’

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