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Trilogy ‘Effective in Dialogue’: European framework directive water 2027

You might have the knowledge, yet you are unable to succeed in changing someone’s mind. How can you add credibility and persuasiveness to your knowledge? Do you want to respond more vigorous? Than this training is recommended! Meet the others as well and train your listening and persuading skills.

The art of debating is to listen carefully to one another and to speak convincingly. With polarisation of opinions, listening is often hard. By first focussing on the techniques of debating, the participant will open their ears and hopefully provide more than just counterarguments. The solution lays in the dialogue.

The training consists of three evenings, but it is also possible to register for one or two days. Each evening there is room for 50 participants.


  1. Learning how to debate tactfully
    The purpose of a trilogy is to repeat. The tutorials is where the skills will accumulate. One session is fun, multiple are much more effective.
  2. Practically apply the obtained skills to open a dialogue
  3. To obtain knowledge on current agrarian subjects
  4. Interaction between students and alumni in the agrarian sector
  5. Yearly repeating on its own

Target group
Alumni and study associations (students) will debate about a substantive them. Prior to the session, a short introduction about ‘How to debate’ will be given.

Language: English
Dates: Wednesday 10 april, Monday 13 may and Monday 10 june 2024
Location: Omnia – Congress centrum at Wageningen Campus
Debate leader: Gijs Weenink

If you look at the discussions last year about the agricultural sectors, three themes always appear prominently. It’s about nitrogen, it’s about the water-quality and the earning capacity of farmers. In our ‘Trilogy: effective in dialogue’ we tackle these three themes and discuss them with each other.

  • Wednesday 10 april – Nitrogen: from crisis to opportunity.
    Nitrogen, opportunities on the horizon with a targeted approach (‘not everything is possible everywhere’ and ‘what is possible’)
  • Monday 13 may – European framework directive water 2027
    Water quality has improved last year, and yet we are not there yet (the European water framework Directive 2027)
  • Monday 10 juneAgriculture income
    How can food production stay the main agricultural income

16.45 h Walk-in participants
17.00 h Tutorial ‘Effective in Dialogue’ by Gijs Weenink
18.00 h Walking dinner // Networking
19.00 h Pitches by 2 columnists and 1 politician (3 x 6 minutes)
19.20 h Lagerhuis Debate led by Gijs Weenink
20.50 h Closure in the form of reflection by policy maker/politician
21.00 h Informal chat

Alumni 25 euros
Students 5 euros

Please put these dates in your agenda. An invitation with more information about the speakers will follow soon. It is possible to submit your application below.

Omnia – Congress centrum at Wageningen Campus
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Three days training – Trilogy ‘Effective in Dialogue’

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